Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant

Supporting Entrepreneurs, Supporting Communities

Diamonds Do Good® recognises the importance of providing access to capital through a small amount of money invested in businesses driven by entrepreneurs. In keeping with its mission of supporting initiatives that develop and empower people in diamond communities worldwide, Diamonds Do Good® aims to help build and nurture entrepreneurs that are powering the future of their communities by creating jobs and providing goods and services with a positive impact on their communities.

The Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant is a USD 100,000 partnership between Diamonds Do Good® and United People Global that provides financial support and business expertise to promising entrepreneurs. The grant sizes range between USD 5,000 and USD 20,000. The 2023 Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant will be won by entrepreneurs from India and selected diamond-producing countries in Africa.

The application for UPG Biashara marks an important step in the journey for eventual winners of the 2023 Diamonds Do Good®️ Entrepreneurship Grant.

“Diamonds Do Good® believes in the strength of community. By supporting entrepreneurs we are helping to shape a sustainable future for all”.

Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant

Supporting Entrepreneurs, Supporting Communities

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Focused on Impact that Empowers People

Entrepreneurs chosen to receive The Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant are assessed using a Selection Criteria that reinforces the achievement of the objectives of the grant – namely accelerating impact that empowers people and communities.In 2023, there is a focus on India and selected African countries, so only entrepreneurs based in specified countries are eligible to apply.

The Selection Criteria include:

At this time, entrepreneurs from all stages of the life of their business idea are encouraged to participate. To ensure the Grant’s success and sustainability, the Grant is connected within an ecosystem that provides several advantages including granting additional resources to the chosen entrepreneurs and to all stakeholders involved.

UPG Biashara includes skills development and mentorship, networking, sustainability training for entrepreneurs to equip them with an ecosystem that is focused on their needs.

The work of entrepreneurs makes the future possible and so the Diamonds Do Good®️ Entrepreneurship Grant helps to bring dreams to life.

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