Diamonds Do Good


Diamonds Do Good (DDG) is a global nonprofit organization whose mission is supporting programs that develop and empower people in natural diamond communities and sharing these stories of positive impact. Diamonds Do Good is supported by the international natural diamond industry.

DDG powers the Entrepreneurial Grant.

The Diamonds-Do-Good funds programs that provide youth with a high-quality education, leadership development and entrepreneurial skills. In keeping with its mission of supporting initiatives that develop and empower people in diamond communities worldwide, DDG joins the UPG Biashara initiative and powers the DDG Entrepreneurial Grant that supports entrepreneurs on the African continent by advancing an amount of money to be invested in businesses that are contributing to their communities. These businesses are either early-stage startups or small operations with the potential to have more impact. In addition to the direct benefits that the funds bring to the selected businesses, the DDG Entrepreneurial Grant also demonstrates the positive impact that is possible when we invest in entrepreneurs.

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