Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant

Application is currently ongoing. Only UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs are eligible to apply and WIN the Grant.

Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant​

The Diamonds-Do-Good Entrepreneurship Grant is aimed to help build and nurture Africa’s future private sector, providing access to capital through small amount of money invested in different early-stage startups. The Grant is won by entrepreneurs who are selected through a African campaign managed by United People Global. In the inaugural year, the focus is on entrepreneurs from diamond-producing countries in southern Africa. It provides a minimum grant size of USD 5,000 and up to USD 20,000 to the selected winners.

The chosen winners come through the intense entrepreneurship ecosystem operated by United People Global: UPG Biashara.

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Entrepreneurship Programme Ensures The Accomplishment Of Several Objectives Including:

To provide additional opportunities for stakeholders to support the initiative in small ways
To support entrepreneurs whose businesses positively impact their communities. To provide additional resources to the chosen entrepreneurs and to all stakeholders involved
To leverage ongoing work related to skills development and training, entrepreneurship, community management, mentorship, sustainability training and more to provide entrepreneurs with an ecosystem that is focused on their needs.
Through the DDG Entrepreneurship Grant we are not giving a “handout”, instead we are giving a “hand up”: supporting entrepreneurship is a powerful way to do this.
Nancy Orem Lyman
Executive Director Diamonds Do Good®
The work of entrepreneurs makes the future possible and so the DDG Entrepreneurship Grant helps to bring dreams to life.
Yemi Babington-Ashaye
President, United People Global

For further information and to find out how you, your company, or organization can get involved and begin a mutually beneficial partnership with UPG, please get in touch with us at:


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